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Barack Obama: the second coming?

Who is Barack Obama really? What exactly is he going to change? What is one accomplishment that he has achieved in his political career? Where is he really going to take the country?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, don't feel bad...neither does anyone else.

But man...he sure makes ambiguity look good.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rev. Wright...Yeah, I'm Talking About Him Too

Alright, so every major news syndicate is covering the Rev. Wright / Barack Obama controversy; so I will not go into meticulous detail. However, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past two weeks, here are two links for your catching up convenience:


Now...what do you think? Personally, I find it interesting that Obama is asking us to believe that he attended the church for twenty years, but somehow seemed to miss each and every time Rev. Wright got a bit out of hand. Furthermore, if Barack did in fact miss the fabulous "USKKKA" Sermon, and the gripping "GD America" message, and my favorite: the "White People Created HIV to Reduce the Black Population" soapbox; and he is in fact clueless to this man's (his Spiritual advisor) colorful opinions, then why, perchance, did he uninvite Rev. Wright from his invocation?


G.S.Graves said...

But you have to give Obama some benefit of the doubt because we don't always agree with everything our pastors and spiritual leaders say and do because they are all human and thus, falable.

I'm sure there have been times when spiritual leaders in your life have made decisions or said things that you have not agreed with.

Most responsible men of faith will preface controversial things that they say with solid teaching and a clarification of their points. Reverend Wright is not a responsible man of faith. But he is a man of some faith. He was speaking from a, very wrong and misguided, place that spurns from the point of view of a very different generation.

McCain has been seen on television talking about how Jerry Falwell and Pat Buchanan and the "religious right" are a powerful part of our country's future. How they should not be condemned for the type of guerrilla style tactics they employ when trying to force their points of view on people.

These people equated homosexuality with Satanism and terrorism. Regardless of what any Christian (singular) may feel about the subject it can not be argued that we are supposed to villify human beings in a way that promotes ignorant hatred.

Would you like to start condemning McCain as well for his choice of spiritual support? He would give a voice to hatred and prejudice in the name of God. That, to me, seems like a far scarier premise.

At least Obama has the guts to say, on these points, Rev. Wright is wrong and we disagree. He even went to the trouble of pointing out the big white elephant of racism and trying to put what happened into perspective.

Let's be fair and objective and ask ALL of the critical questions instead of just the partisian ones that further your position. As a blogger you have a responsibility to scrutize all candidates with the same level of intensity.