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Barack Obama: the second coming?

Who is Barack Obama really? What exactly is he going to change? What is one accomplishment that he has achieved in his political career? Where is he really going to take the country?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, don't feel bad...neither does anyone else.

But man...he sure makes ambiguity look good.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who I am and Why I'm Here...

Hello, and welcome to my blog. This being the first official entry, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself, and explain the purpose of this blog.

My name is A. Garrett Williams, and I am one of those “right-wing fanatics” (referred to as such by the ever so wise liberal media) who believes in the integrity and tradition of America. I believe in the philosophy of Ronald Regan, I believe in the vision of our forefathers, and I believe in the ability of the American people to keep this country great.

I am also a pragmatist, and though the ideals on which America’s foundation was built are sound, I understand that there are those who wish to undermine these principles and thereby compromise the integrity of this great country (cough, cough…Hillary…cough, cough…Barack).

This blog is for members of both camps to share, discuss, and debate political issues.

Let me be clear: I am a conservative, but I am not pro-republican nor am I anti- democrat. I am for whoever is right. I am a supporter of those who adhere to a strong moral compass, a dedication to the right of freedom, and a commitment to the ideals of free enterprise. I am likewise an opponent to those who seek to blur moral lines, reduce freedom, and impose large government control over commerce. I will stand with the right, and rise up against the wrong (or left) regardless of party affiliation (on that note I want to applaud Senator Joe Lieberman on his recent endorsement of John McCain despite party opinion…not to say that Senator McCain has my complete endorsement, but that is a topic for another article).

So that is it in a nutshell. This is a place for intelligent, thought provoking dialogue and debate.

With that said…let the blogging begin!


Avitable said...

So Obama and Clinton are going to undermine the principles and integrity of this once-great country, but you are not a Republican and anti-Democrat?

Good to see you're starting off your blogging with hypocrisy.

Let's see if you allow this comment to go through or delete it so that you don't have to debate someone who doesn't share the same opinion.

A. Garrett Williams said...

...And it is good to see that you are starting off your commenting with ignorance, false quotes, and general disregard for the statements that I made which do not fit into your misguided agenda.

First, ignorance is illustrated in your doubt that this comment would be posted. Having to "debate someone who doesn't share the same opinion" does not in any way frighten or discourage me. In fact, it is the only type of debate that exists. Would you prefer me to debate with only those who agreed with me? That would be neither a "debate" nor interesting:

Me: I believe that both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama lack the skills necessary to be commander-in-chief of our nations military.

My "opponent": Me too.

Me: Good then...

Second, if you are going to cleverly weave my language in with yours please get it right. I did not say, "undermine the principles and integrity of this ONCE-great country." Rather, I intentionally said, "this great country" because I do believe in the greatness of America. Am I to believe (by your comment of "once-great") that you no longer think America to be a great nation? Is America just getting by in the world? If so, then why exactly do you still live here? There are many nations in the world. If America does not live up to your standards...leave.

Third (and most importantly), it would not be a bad idea for you to re-read the article since you have clearly missed the point. I do believe that Obama and Clinton will undermine American principles. However, last I checked the Democratic Party is quite larger than two people. Perhaps in your re-read you will note that I applaud Joe Lieberman...a democrat. Perhaps also (if I have not offended you too badly) you will take a look at the third article in which I make clear that McCain (a republican) does not yet have my unwavering support.

I am interested in policy not party. I do not care in the least what you call yourself; I care what you stand for. If a democrat wants to come out in favor of the Bush tax cuts, against pork barrel earmarks, and lay to rest the idea that the government is the answer to all of America's problems; that democrat has my support. Likewise, if a republican decides to create trillions of dollars in new spending to implement a national healthcare plan; I will oppose that republican.

Feel free to comment, and be aware that I only censor vulgar and/or obscene content, not differences of opinion.

Avitable said...

Firstly, I didn't quote you. If I had quoted you, I would have used your exact words. This country has seen its reputation tarnished in the global environment in the last eight years, and its greatness has been severely diminished at the whim of a warmonger president.

Your close-minded nature is obvious with the phrase "liberal media". Making sweeping statements about two people such as Clinton and Obama is very partisan, regardless of your "praise" of Lieberman, a Senator who believes in censorship of free speech. Don't make statements without support. Otherwise, your Republican shows through.

Anonymous said...

Even though I'm a conservative Republican I have real diffculty trusting let alone voting for McCain. I am tired of voting for the lessor of the evils. It is time to take back our country and I don't believe we can accomplish this through the Republican and Democratic Parties. These candidates all talk about change well the real change would be to get rid of both of these big spend corrupt parties. They are all in bed with lobbyist and big corporations. If social security and medicare is good enough for us it should be good enough for Congress. Ask yourself why it is not good enough for them.

G.S.Graves said...

I fail to see how Hilary Clinton or Barrack Obama undermine the principles of America or the integrity of our "once-great nation" anymore than John McCain.

You're sensationalizing rhetoric. Baseless regurgitated rhetoric.

Though, if you can give me a solid example that I can't counter with something similar from the lives of Reagan, Bush, McCain, or just about any other social conservative you idolize, then I'll gladly concede your point.

How about Clinton having an affair...

Hmmmm... a politican caught in an extramarital affair... well, that is new. That never happens.

Do you turn a blind eye to the recent scrutinization of John McCain and his extracurricular activities? Does it matter that he says the allegations are false?

But he lied to the American people!

So did G.W. Bush on several occasions when talking about the war, the economy and the shady dealings he's had with big spending lobbiests. It can be argued that Bush's lies have done far more damage to the integrity of our country than anything Clinton did in office.

But he's a criminal.

You got me there, but so was Nixon. Criminal activity and loose morals are a bipartisan trait in politics. Few have the integrity that they claim to have.

But Democrats want to create pork barrel, government funded programs that will bankrupt hard working Americans and steal our future!

(drum roll please) GIANT, UNNECESSARY NEVER-ENDING WAR built on faulty intelligence that driven the country into a recession. A demoralizing energy crisis. Our dollar is noticably weaker. We have the biggest deficit in U.S. History.

McCain may be the best candidate as far as military "experience" is concerned but he lacks the creditials (conservative or otherwise) to fix our economy, the corruption in Washington or our education system and he's attaching himself to polices that have been proved flawed.

Does that mean that Barrack or Hilary can do those things? Don't know, it remains to be seen. But pragmatic logic shows that you can't keep beating a dead horse and expect it do anything other than just lie there rotting. The expectation of change based on continuing actions and policies that have consistantly shown themselves to be failures has no logical outcome other than failure. That a pragmatic realist like you, chooses to ignore that, is a bit disconcerting and raises fears that your brand of concervatism is a little bit more about partisanship and piety than championing for a return and revitalization of the integrity and ingenuity of America.